PRACTICE AREAS The Whistleblower Law Collaborative concentrates in representing individuals or entities with information about illegal and fraudulent activities — helping whistleblowers take action and set the record straight.

Government Program Fraud

Fraud that directly or indirectly affects the government and government funds takes many forms and occurs across all government agencies on a local, national and international level. Provisions in federal and state False Claims Acts were established to empower private citizens to to expose fraud.

Securities and Trading Fraud

Securities fraud occurs when companies fail to meet their obligation to publicly disclose accurate and complete information about the risks of an investment. This behavior is a violation of the nation's securities laws and a form of fraud.

Corporate and Individual Tax Fraud

Tax fraud can be committed by individuals or companies. Evading, attempting, or conspiring to evade taxes by under-reporting income, inflating expenses, or any other means is illegal. The IRS Whistleblower Program aims to capture tax cheats.

Banking and Financial Fraud

Financial fraud involves the violation of banking, mortgage or lending laws. It may take many forms and can implicate Government Program Fraud. Securities and Trading Fraud, when the risks associated with mortgages or foreclosures or securities are not properly disclosed, and Tax Fraud.

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